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800040 - Automated mentor-matching tool

Automated mentor-matching tool

Cardano Project Catalyst - Fund 8

Automated mentor-matching tool

Status update: 24/10/2022
First month: Technical setup, and mentors and mentee onboarding
  • Building the Catalyst mentoring pool by leveraging existing OneUpOneDown infrastructure. Members of the Catalyst community will be invited to join as mentors through a specific code for the Catalyst pool. New members will be invited to sign up as mentees. Both will then be able to create profiles and select their preferences.
⚠️ Key learning: It took more time for onboarding Catalyst members to join the pool because of technical development delays and the infrastructure of the pools - 2 months behind schedule
Deploying a tool that is highly effective at onboarding new members to Catalyst using OUOD’s mentor-matching method.
  • Goal #1 - Build Catalyst Pool functionality so catalyst members can sign up and assign themselves to the catalyst matching pool.
  • Goal #2 - Run Catalyst pilot program
  • Recruit >60 mentors and mentees to participate in the Cardano mentoring pool. Make and track >20 matches to assess match performance.

[1.11.2022] Final report - Proof of evidence

  1. 1.
    First, we have identified women proposers in Fund9 (active women) and we have created a public list with all their proposals. Women Proposals in Fund9.
  2. 2.
    Second, we created a form to register an interest and understand how many women within the Cardano Catalyst space would like to be mentors:
  3. 3.
    Then, we invited 30 women who have been actively involved with the Catalyst Project as mentors: OneUpOneDown x Cardano Official Mentor Invitation
  4. 4.
    The result: 20 mentors signed up: list of 20 women in OneUpOneDown Cardano Pool
We have managed to release 3 industry pools and to build partnerships with 3 organisations for which we created dedicated mentorship pools. We were able to meet our partners at the Cardano Summit 2022 in Laussane and bond even better.
We launched the software on the 20th of November and we were able to demonstrate it to people at the event.
Dev application:
⚠️ Key learning: It took us more time to plan the infrastructure of the pools and how these pools will work with the tokenemics model we created. See Mentorship Incentivization DAO.
In our initial research, we found around 150 women being part of the Cardano Catalyst community but the engagement is much lower. We consider the proposal as completed.