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800241 - Mentorship Incentivization DAO

Mentorship Incentivization DAO

Cardano Project Catalyst - Fund 8

Mentorship Incentivization DAO

Status update: 24/08/2022
3 - 6 months
  • Design requirements, scope, Before — After — Bridge
  • Lite paper research and Tokeneconomic model proving
  • GitBook - Project Progress Reporting
  • Align a whole community to a shared set of objectives
  • Incentivize all community members to drive the progress of key results

[1.11.2022] Final report - Proof of evidence

OneUpOneDown Tokens movement: tDYAD - tOUOD
OneUpOneDown - Mentorship DAO Lite paper
Workshop delivered at the Cardano Summit 2022
⚠️ Key learning:
  • Working with James from Gimbal Labs, we were able to effectively map out OneUpOneDown's business requirements into smart contract requirements.
  • Realising the benefits of using tokens to incentivise behaviours within the network, such as completing mentorship training, providing data inputs, as well as facilitating the exchange between mentor and mentee.
  • Working out how to balance the use of utility and equity tokens to incentivise the right behaviours with the network.