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Mentorship for women

We are launching our first mentorship pilot project for women in blockchain and running OneUpOneDown's mentorship model for Cardano Catalyst Women.
Our goal is to encourage participation of women in the Catalyst community and to support women to be successful in their goals to launch and grow blockchain based projects. For the pilot project we will make a minimum of 30 makes between women in the community.
  • Each match lasts three months. Mentors and mentees have 4x 1hr meetings during this time
  • Matches are made based on a specific cross over of mentors current experiences and mentees desired experiences
  • Mentors are a couple of steps ahead of mentees in these experiences. This is called near-peer matching
  • Great matches can turn into lasting friendships and a rich learning experience for both mentor and mentee
Register your interest in participating in OneUpOneDown mentorship for Cardano Catalyst Women: